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Business Building - Bed and Breakfast Inns, Small Hotels, Vacation Rentals

The Business Building Package is designed to assist innkeepers in maximizing both occupancy and profitability.
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The Annual Package includes all of the following:

• An On-Site Consultation - A one-two day stay and series of meetings.

• Design Individualized Strategic Marketing Plan - A year-long program that addresses: Your inn's personality and potential; increasing occupancy and profitability; culinary arts; brochures; web site, guidebooks; media kits; in-room folders; multiple uses of inn; and more.

• Business-Building Assistance - Yearlong consultation and support during all seasons and economic conditions.

• Website Assessment - Learn how well your website is meeting your marketing needs and how it can be used to increase occupancy.

• Media Marketing & Media Kits - Learn how to market your inn to the print, radio and Internet media. Ongoing resources, support and assistance in the writing of press releases and attracting travel writers.

• Advertising – Make the best investment of your advertising dollar.

• Brochure, Rack Card, Post Card - Assess design, target distribution, and determine resultant value.

• In-room Folders - These should act as a sales kit for your guests - to resell themselves on returning and to sell you to referred guests.

• Mid-week Packages - Ideas and projects that will help fill in empty spaces on your occupancy calendar.

• Return and Referral Guest Programs – This is essential in the building of a profitable enduring business.

• Gift Shop and Gift Certificates – The additional sale of gifts and certificates through innovative marketing.

• Community Relations – Programs to ensure that you are well-known throughout the community – ideal for locally referred business.

The comprehensive cost of this annual package is $200 per month – payable monthly.

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