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Meet Christine Gustafson, InnLight Marketing

Welcome to InnLight Marketing - a service established in the summer of 1998, dedicated to helping small business owners maximize their Christine Gustafson, InnLight Marketingcompany's potential and optimize their overall profitability. I specialize in lodging properties, restaurants, massage studios and wineries.

It is my passion to work with entrepreneurs - individuals who are noted for having an independent energetic spirit; who express a readiness and courage to undertake or experiment; who organize, manage and assume the risks of building a business from the germ of a creative idea. Or as Kilby noted, "Entrepreneurs are innovators who use a process of shattering the status quo of the existing products and services, to set up new products, new services ... a person with a high need for achievement. He is energetic and a moderate risk taker."

Below you will find recommendations from cherished clients turned friends ... CHRISTINE GUSTAFSON, INNLIGHT MARKETING

"Christine- it has been a great pleasure to work with you. You were instrumental in setting us up, getting us going, maintaining, promoting, communicating, photographing, visiting and being part of a very smooth marketing process. I really, really appreciate your efforts. Please feel free to use me as a reference if you should ever need it. Thank you." Peter Englander, Sea Star Cottage

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"For any inn looking for a first-class marketing company to handle the myriad of information technology, create a super website and keep it up, there is no hesitation in recommending Christine Gustafson, of Innlight Marketing. Any ideas we have, she sorts through and gives us advice within hours. When we are looking at our future bookings, whether it be a week or a year, she is there to find just the right thing to do and put on our website to boost our sales. Her staging and photography are perfect…..every time, and we count on this not only for our website, but our brochures, specialty cards and promotions. If you, like us, need a “go to” person that you can bank on for steady maintenance, fresh ideas, and always listening to yours, we strongly recommend Christine. We have not been disappointed in our over three years association with her. Christine does the job." - Betsy Olson, Lincoln Green Inn, Carmel, CA

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"Being in the advertising/marketing industry exposes our company to an extremely large number of website designers. By far we place InnLight Marketing at the head of that list in terms of concept, creative design, and follow-through when it comes to travel websites. We are continually receiving compliments on the travel website we hired InnLight Marketing to create and its financial success has far exceeded expectations, due to a large part on the insights of InnLight Marketing prior to actual production. Not only was the design good looking, the thought process that went into its design was extremely effective. We strongly recommend InnLight Marketing if you are ever considering having a travel website designed." - Sincerely, Gerry Rose, Vice President May/Partners

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"Christine Gustafson has done public relations for the Martine Inn for several years. She is very creative and we have had articles about the Martine Inn printed in 12 newspapers and magazines. She worked up our annual publicity campaign that includes special events and maximizing the use of our web site. She produced our first newsletter and it has been received extremely well. She has designed advertisements, undertaken photography projects, worked individually with members of our staff, and has added to the positive experience of our guests. Christine is reliable, timely and has wonderful contacts." Sincerely, Don Martine, Innkeeper & Co-founder of the
California Association of Bed & Breakfast Inns (CABBI)

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"Christine first came on board with us six years ago. She immediately began maximizing our existing website while creating a whole new site. That year our business increased by $325,000.00 all directly attributable to Christine’s efforts. The following year, 2008 when many inns saw their business remain flat or decrease, our business again increased, this time by $175,000.00.

As noted in many of the recommendations that Christine has received, she in unfailingly upbeat and constantly thinking of ways to benefit her clients. She responds quickly to queries no matter how trivial or frequent they are and is capable of handling all aspects of an inn’s marketing needs.

We have had the great pleasure of serving as liaison to Christine for both the Russian River Inns and the Wine Country Inns of Sonoma County. We cannot recommend her highly enough." - Jimmy Caron, Applewood Inn

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"To any perspective clients considering hiring Innlight Marketing: Christine has been instrumental in helping me and my business grow. I continually calling on Christine to help with an idea or some advice. She is up-beat and positive when offering well thought out solutions. Christine makes sense out of some of my crazy marketing ideas. I find her to be responsive to the Inns needs and patient helping me understand the ever changing web world. Christine knows how to market Inns as well as teach Innkeepers."
- Bobby Richards G.M. / Co-owner Carmel Boutique Inns: Lamp Lighter Inn - Sunset Suites and The Forest Lodge

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"Dear Christine: You are truly amazing!! I have received so many compliments on the New web site you designed. Your attention to every detail, color scheme and just the way you put it all together. Your experience in creating a Bed & Breakfast web site is fantastic. I highly recommend InnLight Marketing to all perspective Bed & Breakfast Owners. I had so much fun working with you and look forward to working with you in the future. Thank You." - Sincerely, Giuliano Giannone, Innkeeper, The Pack House Inn

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"Christine Gustafson has provided invaluable insight into marketing. First, she is knowledgeable and our most valuable interaction is in discussing what works and what doesn't. Second, she understands marketing to different tiers in the market. Third, through the conversations, we are able to craft a marketing plan that is not overly expensive. Marketing on the Internet can be extremely expensive, consuming not only dollars but also time, while, traditional marketing is in disarray. Even feature articles in major newspapers and magazines are not necessarily driving guests to inns." - Jeff Stanford, Stanford Inn & Ravens Restaurant, Mendocino

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"We have been working with Christine Gustafson for ten years. In the first month Christine worked with us, she helped us write our mission statement, form a marketing plan which included updating our web site, web site marketing, rack card and post card designs, a return guest program, media marketing, and setting up a small gift shop. Needless to say she works tirelessly for her clients. Although we know Christine has many clients, we sometimes feel we are her only one. She finds time to listen, seems to always be in touch, answers emails and phone calls almost immediately, comes up with great ideas to promote our inn and has a calming effect during times of stress. Christine has a good eye for design and can turn around a project quickly. Our guests are always complimenting us on our web site They find it easy to use, comprehensive in content, and user friendlyWe love working with Christine and find her energy, creativity and love of what she does uplifting. She is a big part of our success and we appreciate all she has done for us. Christine believes in the clients she chooses to work with and helps us believe in ourselves. We are members of a regional association of bed and breakfast inns. Last year we recommended that our group hire Christine to design the association web site and to help some of our struggling members as well. She has since met with our group, redesigned the web site and helped some of our member inns. Over the years Christine and her husband / photographer - Frank Marshall - have become very good friends of ours and we look forward to working with them for many years to come."
- Michael & Stephanie McCaffrey,
McCaffrey House Bed & Breakfast Inn

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"Dear Christine: Thanks so much for all the effort you have put into the marketing of my little, but wonderful inn. I have just the three suites, but as you know I have put forth a great deal of love and effort into achieving a highly rated Bed and Breakfast in St. Helena. You have certainly helped me in this quest, you have helped me to realize very good traffic flow, and a great web site that finds its way to either the first page or the first three pages in many google search. Plus, I must say you are great fun to work with, always available to update my site or to give suggestions for promotions, or to take a new photo or two. I love your visits every year, and look forward to a strong continuing relationship!" - Polly Keegan, Adagio Inn, St. Helena, CA

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"We both want to thank you for designing a great web site. It has really been a big plus in our business and has made this a great experience. We have many comments about how well designed it is. You should feel complimented because some of these comments come from guest that are in the business for well established companies." - Bob and Betsy, Santa Nella House (Russian River Valley)

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"I have been working with Christine Gustafson for 8 years now and she has saved my life! There were so many marketing projects which I wanted to get off the ground but did not know where to start. Christine adeptly and painlessly helped me to define my goals for the Inn. I quickly realized how little time I had been spending on marketing and how much I needed her expertise. She quickly went to work optimizing what marketing I had done and the difference was immediate! What I thought was going to be a mediocre year has turned into one of my best. It can be hard to have a working relationship where you are on opposite coasts but Christine makes it easy! She is enthusiastic and always interested in my life and my business; always responsive to my needs when I know she has tons of other projects going on at the same time. I feel like I am her only client. I look forward to continuing to work with her. We still have a lot of projects to tackle!"
- Heidi Senkler Godbout, North Bridge Inn - Concord, MA

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"Dear Christine: Sandy and I would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation for the work you've done on behalf of the Eureka Street Inn. We originally considered that your involvement in the marketing/advertising aspect of our business would be somewhat limited because of Sandy's extensive marketing background. We were wrong on several points. First, there are unique requirements in effectively marketing in the Bed and Breakfast industry, i.e., not only specific marketing skills but intimate knowledge of varied media/marketing resources. And, like many small businesses, regardless of how much experience you have in your own industry, it is always difficult to find the time to organize all of the projects into a cohesive, achievable plan. In addition to the industry specific information you provided, your creative talent combined with your organizational skills enabled us to develop a marketing plan, tailored to our inn, which is organized, prioritized and infinitely achievable within a specified time frame. Secondly, as a marketing plan is developed, there must be ready access to the developer. How many times have we all become enthusiastic about a given project only to be disappointed by an inability to remain in constant communication with key resources? How refreshing it was to be able to call, knowing that you would be readily available with sound advice and quality input. Anyone enlisting your services will benefit far beyond the initial cost, regardless of how long they have been in the innkeeping business. We believe that this is the best resource that CABBI has to offer! Your enthusiasm, dedication and special talents will serve to increase business exposure and revenue better than any other marketing idea that we have seen. Truly, we thank you not only your creative inspiration, but for providing the Eureka Street Inn with a marketing and media plan that we believe will well support the growth of our inn." - Chuck and Sandy Anderson, Eureka Street Inn, Sutter Creek, CA

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