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Internet Marketing - Bed and Breakfast Inns, Small Hotels, Vacation Rentals

The Internet Marketing Package is a comprehensive approach to optimizing the use of an inn's website and establishing a strong internet presence, thus maximizing both occupancy and profitability. {read client comments}

The Monthly Package includes all of the following:

• Evaluation of your inn's website with design suggestions to improve traffic to and through your website.

• Optional maintenance of existing website – optimizing for search engines, minor updates of text and images as needed.

• Monthly study and evaluation of web statistics.

• Counsel regarding the renewal or new sign up for lodging directories.

• Periodic submission of specials to indicated directories.

• Upon request: maintenance of PPC accounts (Google, Bing).

• Consideration of Internet directory e-inquiries that you forward to me.

• Monthly phone conference regarding Online Marketing.

Does not include extensive web site design work.

The comprehensive cost of this monthly package is $200 per month – payable monthly.

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